Everything in its right place.

It is 2013 (as of twenty days ago), and that means a lot of things. It means I am turning 20 on February 20. It means that I’m spending my last five months in Amarillo before moving. It means Amarillo College is behind me, and I move on to (literally) bigger places and things.

And, to be honest, I only went to Amarillo College for one year. In that one year, I started out as a timid news reporter eager to become one of the best, and I left the school year as a timid news reporter eager to become one of the best.

In that one year, I began not knowing what to expect — in terms of classes, studying, friends and experiences — and ended up doing far worse than I had ever imagined. In a way, I think I went about it the same way I approach doing chores around the house — they need to be done, but I half-ass it unless it’s something I’m interested in.

I was not interested in the majority of my classes. (Aside from News Reporting I and II and Intro to Film, but that’s beside the point.)

My mind seemed like it wanted to drift from my main goal of graduating from Amarillo College with an Associates Degree in Mass Communication, and a positively-charged desire to go farther and beyond. That, while still remaining true, was morphed heavily along the way. Working became my main priority, and school very quickly was replaced and bumped down to the infamous ‘number two’ spot (which is the same spot my guitar was pushed to somewhere along the way once I began writing).

Yet, as working became my main priority, and school number two, life seemed like it focused in on the things I was supposed to do for the time being: examine my life. If you and I were to sit down at a coffee shop that smelled of aging wood and fine coffee, to discuss how we feel about where we are in life, I could not sit and tell lie to your face about how many horrible decisions I’ve made in the last year alone. From skipping too many classes, ruining my GPA, abandoning any sort of editing on my first novel, blowing personal events out of proportion and not taking responsibility for actions on my own part, 2012 was truthfully a really bizarre year.

That’s not to say, however, good things didn’t happen. A lot of good things happened! I was hired at a news station! I fulfilled my dream of being able to partake in some sort of Election Night coverage! I left my job at Sonic Drive-In!  I got to meet some incredible people — both in real-life, and online! I finally explored an abandoned building! Twice!

It just so happens 2012 happened to be a year full of surprises, and not too many for the best. While I am thankful the apocalypse didn’t occur in December, I carry no doubt 2012 will be a year I look back on and shrug at.

It was just ‘eh’.

2013, twenty-days in, is anything but ‘eh’. I don’t know if it’s the fact my excitement is building up about moving to St. Louis, or if it’s about having things happen that I never thought happen, happen. I have many, many good feelings about this year — for some reason — and already, it’s pulling farther away from being a repeat of the same 365 days.

While most of the reasons I could list about this year would bore any readers to tears, I just cannot sit and think and smile as to how well everything is coming together. The effects of choices made years ago become as blatant as a sign in front of my face, and with a solid plan fitting to my needs, which is forming slowly but surely, life just seems so much more balanced and bright.

As Thom Yorke once said, everything (is) in its right place.


2 thoughts on “Everything in its right place.

    1. Thanks, Alex!

      I’m going up there for Journalism School at Mizzou. But, before that, I’m taking a year off of school to maintain residency and save ~$16,000/year. I’m very, very excited.

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